Monday, January 24, 2005


Snow Day

The blizzard came and left us with a good amount of snow. How much is hard for a layman to measure, particularly with the drifting, but it looks like at least 12 inches, and it was enough to cancel just about everything on Sunday. Coming back from church (I missed the cancellation notice) I stopped off at the airport to get the snow shovel from the hangar. They were just starting to dig out, and I unintentionally became a personal beneficiary of their efforts.

It didn't look that deep between the hangars, so I pressed on into the drift. (my tracks are to the left of the plowed path) I got to the far end of the buildings before getting completely bogged down. The snow was up to the floor of the car, and I couldn't move at all. I fetched the shovel from the hangar and started digging. After some time, I had cleared enough space to turn the car around, and then Lou showed up in his big earthmover. He shoveled a path down the middle between the two hangars, and I was able to make my escape.

The Yellowbird wasn't as lucky. Fortunately she wasn't completely buried, but the wind had taken the tarps from her right wing and left her surrounded by drifts up to 24 inches deep.

After my adventure with the car, I wasn't about to dig her out, but I came back later in the day after Lou had finished plowing and I cleaned her off and cleared a path from her tiedown spot up to the tarmac.

This poor little 150 won't be going anywhere soon.

They were still blowing snow off the taxiways and runways as I left. It was a pretty dramatic sight, but I was happy to head for home and warmth.


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