Friday, September 02, 2005


New Orleans

We're all painfully aware of what has happened on the Gulf Coast. Although I'm far removed geographically from the area, this disaster has touched me a little more personally than it might have otherwise, for New Orleans is the city where I was born.

I still have relatives in the area, including my father, who lives on the north shore of Lake Punch-a-Train. He evacuated about 150 miles north, and has ridden things out with no problems. His home town took some damage from winds and flooding, but the house has come through with only minimal damage at worst. He'll be fine once he's permitted to return home, as long as the contents of the fridge don't spring to life and take over the house.

In the old neighborhood, the house where my family lived when I was born is flooded out. The hospital where I was born apparently doesn't exist under its old name, having merged with another hospital, but the resulting facility has been evacuated. The house where we lived after moving back from Houston in the late 1960's is in a part of town not affected by the flooding, as is the house where my father lived until he retired.

This is obviously a horrific disaster for those in the city. Still, it is a great opportunity for us to show compassion and generosity towards those who are suffering. If you haven't done so already I would encourage you to consider donating to one of the many charitable organizations that are offering assistance. My own choice has been Samaritan's Purse, but there are a great many others to chose from.

If you are reading this from a warm dry computer, with fresh water and electricity at hand, consider yourself fortunate, and be mindful of your blessings. And if you are able, please contribute whatever you can to help those whose lives have been so dramatically disrupted.


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