Sunday, July 15, 2007


Where Are We?

After a number of false starts, the move has been made. I'm settling into a new job, a new locale, and a new residence. I've left the lush hills of western Massachusetts for the somewhat less lush flatlands of the Midwest. At the beginning of July, I returned to Massachusetts and brought Yellowbird back with me to our new home. The jury is still out on the relative merits of the new locale, but one thing is certain: the scenery is far different.

From above you get... well, lots of corn. I've heard that they also grow soybeans around here as well. From 5,000 feet AGL it's hard to tell one from the other, but I don't think that soybeans grow as high as an elephant's eye.

From a bit lower, you can see some variety, even among the corn. For example, some corn stalks are slightly taller than others. And some aren't. It's actually a nice view. Perhaps this is why God made Piper Cubs.

They also grow a lot of these things. They don't look that big from up here, but each one is over 400 feet tall, with a rotor diameter greater than the wingspan of a 747. Each one also has a flashing red obstruction light on top, and somehow they all flash in unison. With over 200 of them spread out over about 15 square miles, it's an impressive sight at night, from the ground and the air.

Our new home base is a good sized class D airport, with two nice long instrument runways (and one long-closed one). GA lives on the west side of the field...

...and the airline terminal occupies the east side.

Home sweet home. We're on the waiting list for a hangar, but until one becomes available, poor Yellowbird will live out on the ramp. At least she has a clear view of the horizon.

Update: Marc nails it. We are in Bloomington, Illinois, and now based at Central Illinois Regional Airport (KBMI)


Posted by Blogger MyFlightBlog at 12:19 PM, December 10, 2007  

I have done most of my flying in the midwest. The great thing is there is an abundance of safe places to set a plane down should an emergency arise.

But, on the downside the scenery is not the best. Though, corn mazes are fun to fly over.

I can't guess the airport based on your description and photos. What is the new home base airport?

Posted by Anonymous Owen at 12:44 PM, December 12, 2007  

That shade of green looks like Wisconsin to me, but there's not enough water and it's too flat. So I'm going to guess one of the I states - Iowa, Illinois, or Indiana.

"Perhaps this is why God made Piper Cubs." Classic.

Posted by Blogger Marc at 11:30 PM, June 13, 2008  

I once flew out of your "new" home, back in 2004. Lovely airport. City is home to a very large insurance company. I am enjoying your blog very much. You do very nice work on your painting of the cowls etc. Hope the engine work finishes up as nicely for you.

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