Friday, February 04, 2005


After the Storm

One week after the Big Storm, Yellowbird and I, having dug ourselves out, went aloft to survey the Winter Wonderland.

Taxiing up Bravo for an intersection departure from 20. A week after the storm, snow is still evident on the pavement.

Climbing out to the north. From 2,000 feet, the fruit of the snowplows' hard work is easily seen.

Over Hatfield, looking south towards the Holyoke range. The Connecticut River is iced up after receiving over a foot of snow.

Looking north along I91 to Sunderland.

To the east, the Quabbin is now iced over as well.

Orange, under snow.

Jaffrey, New Hampster. Kimball's is closed for the season, but once the ice is gone, there will be ice cream.

Around the summit of Mt. Monadnock. Anyone climbing today would be hardier than I.

The Monadnock Bible Conference Center.

Back in Massachusetts, on downwind for 34 at Turners Falls.

Homeward bound, with the Oxbow now solidly frozen. Two weeks ago, there was only a thin coat of ice.


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