Wednesday, November 28, 2007


It Flies! (sort of)

Lycoming O-360 A1F6DUp on the hoist, she gets the Reiff preheater installed. One of the cylinder bands can be seen as a shiny metal strip at the base of the #1 cylinder barrel. The oil pan heater is out of sight under the engine, but you can see the black wiring harness and white plastic connectors underneath the crankcase. The light gray noodle hanging below is the grounding wire.

Lycoming O-360 A1F6DFrom behind, we see the preheater power cable with a standard AC plug on the end. This will eventually get tied to the oil filler tube, and accessed from the oil filler hatch. The ugly steel thing hanging down from below the oil filler tube is one of the shipping brackets. Apparently it was easier to unbolt the shipping brackets from the crate than to remove the engine from the brackets...

We're getting closer. The guys at the shop expect to start hanging the engine next week. Stay tuned...


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