Friday, February 04, 2005


An Evening in the Pattern

Last night we went up to get in our three night landings for currency. We started on 02 while it was still light, then switched to 33 after dark. It was a nice evening for flying, and we got some good crosswind practice on 33, as well as some experience sharing the pattern with a variety of traffic. There were three of us in the pattern for 33, and the tower hade me extend downwind for 02 by about four miles to clear a Citation on the VOR approach.

Barnes Municipal Airport, on a quiet Thursday evening.

Departing 02, looking down on the Mass. Air Guard Ramp, with a few of the 104th Fighter Wing's A-10's resting after beating up the field earlier in the day.

On a left downwind, another view of the 104th ramp.


Posted by Anonymous Anonymous at 7:59 PM, February 04, 2005  

Just wanted to say I enjoy reading the blog, I grew up in Northwood, NH - and now I fly in the desert. It's nice to see pics from back east.

Posted by Anonymous PeterGould at 9:21 AM, February 14, 2005  

Good morning, Scott. Thanks for calling me yesterday to go for a flight. New experience for me, personally, even though Dad flew in the Navy (WWII), brother flew years ago, and my son, Andy, took (4-5)lessons before dsciding flying wasn't for him...@ age (11)!!! Go figure!

It was a beautiful day...clear, sunny, and the "wind" wasn't very noticable.

Thanks again. I needed that shock to my system.

Your brother in Christ,

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